Hello, and welcome! My name is Rachel. I am passionate about health and wellness – which to me means looking fit and feeling great… and avoiding acute health problems.

I am on a mission to transform my career in illness management (i.e. I’m a nurse in the mainstream American healthcare system) into a lifestyle of wellness promotion. I also aspire to inspire and empower others to find their most energetic selves.

This is a place of reflection. Many of my thoughts and concerns have to do with sustaining healthy bodies and healthy minds despite the demands of reality and the workplace. Good health is a daily endeavor, just as many illnesses are the result of habits compounded over time.

My observations oftentimes relate to my work as Registered Nurse. I have experience in skilled rehab, working primarily with older folks in need of additional support prior to returning home from the hospital. Then I worked the night shift on a medical/oncology unit, where I became acquainted with the drastic impact of acute conditions on all aspects of daily existence, in body and mind. I also learned firsthand the curse of night shift work during this time. Now I’m an OR nurse, back on the day side of things. I participate in women’s health (gyn) cases, bariatric procedures, and cosmetic or reconstructive plastics.


I’d love to help people just stay out of the hospital!!! It’s so much kinder to your body and your brain. On that note, I’m a Personal Trainer, and a trainee Yoga instructor. Although this blog is in many ways a diary of my personal life, it is also a conversation with you, Dear Reader, presented through the lens of my profession and experience.