A post of the mundane sort that only friends and family might find interesting.

Ostensibly I blog about running and wellness, but in honor of my approximately 2 month hiatus from both running and being a nurse, today I’m addressing neither. Well, wellness, maybe, in that I’ve backed off on run-coach entrepreneurial endeavors — including blogging — for the time being. Life balance and all that. Plus plans have changed so I’ll still be working full time for the foreseeable future. Less pressure to really push the side business, for one thing.

At any rate, today’s episode is one of those reverse-voyeuristic deals where I tell you things about my life and you read them, because we’re all vaguely interested in what everybody else is up to.

Here we go:

We moved into a new house! Our house! The fiancé and I are very happy to be homeowners. On a related note, builders in the area — say, 30 years ago — used a ubiquitous blue PVC pipe called polybutylene for plumbing. It brittles and cracks over time — 30 years or so, coincidentally. Now that the crawlspace beneath our house has filled with (and since been emptied of) 3-4 feet of water, we are true homeownership inaugurates. Here, have a picture:


In addition to moving in and not running, I’ve been checkin’ out the area, which is ironic because this was my hometown between ages 12-18. I kinda know it, but I also kinda don’t. Suffice it to say my interests have evolved since then.  Like hiking. Man I used to hate being dragged out for a hike with the fam.

How things change! This is dear old Dad — retired lawyer and staunch wilderness volunteer. I promise he’s happy on the inside.hike2

The park burned a few years back, so it’s quite different from how I remember. I think it’s still an awe-inspiring landscape, although some of the online reviewers of this trail found it ugly. Just nature doing its thing though, right?  Hewlett Gulch, for those interested.

Can’t wait to run this one! It’s rugged yet accessible, and covers some really cool terrain; this is a high meadow above the small river valley in which the trail begins. It abuts a private pasture, whose owners must have been mortified when the fires rolled through. Yeesh.


The sky broke open riiiiight as we made it back to the car. Typical Colorado — I love it so much.  Further up the canyon is a dive-y bar and amphitheater that’s been around since the early 1900s when it opened as a dance hall.  It’s pretty cool, check it out. Not to mention, the patio hangs out over the river so you can watch the poor whitewater rafting schmucks pass by. I do not like rafting, mostly because it is cold. I watched them, and drank my hot chocolate, feeling very superior.



When it started hailing and the waitstaff scurried out to shuttle the condiments baskets back inside, we took the hint and relocated. But let it be known that we are tough, and were totally game to wait it out.


But our waitress probs doesn’t get paid enough to serve outdoor customers in a hailstorm, so it’s cool.

That’s it folks, hopefully next time I’ll be back to blathering about running and health-related things.


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