Kara Goucher Sighting!

Hola! I’ve committed the grave error of not blogging in a number of weeks. Sincere apologies. Went through a bout of feeling like just another naïve, misguided millennial; forgive me, for it made me reluctant to hop up on my soapbox. God forbid I say something wrong.

But I missed my soapbox! It’s not about being right or wrong, so much as it is a place for observation: irreverent, sarcastic, sometimes kind and helpful, observation.

This weekend I will be observing the results of my 4 days/week marathon training plan. It’s Grandma’s time [Grandma’s Marathon]! A caveat lies in the 2 weeks of GI illness I just got over, which throws (yet another) wrench in my completely uncontrolled experiment. If it ends well, I either have a bang-up training dogma, an excellent taper strategy, a combination of both, or another beneficial factor yet unidentified. If it ends in a whimper, well, I blame the GI bug.

Today I sighted an auspicious omen: Kara Goucher and fam on this very flight en route to Minnesota. Like spotting an albino zebra, or a whale or something. Disclaimer: Kara Goucher looks nothing like a whale.

I’ve missed talking at you, you fabulous runners with day jobs, children, and other impediments to training also known as Life. Turns out the pros (at least that one) looks as human as the rest of us. I was kind of surprised…

Early bedtime now.


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