Why Hire a Running Coach? Not just another gimmick: the thought process behind turning a passion into a career.


I first thought about coaching on the wings of an endorphin high, feeling like everyone deserves the chance to feel this good. Hence the name Endorphin Running & Training Co. Through depression, anxiety, and the general woes of unpleasant formative years (don’t we all have them), fitness has long been my key to feeling strong, happy, and in control. As a kid I loved the meticulous planning and preparation that went into competitive gymnastics, and now I feel the same way about the carefully crafted training schedule leading up to a big race.  

I started crafting advertising for my coaching company, I’ve spent a lot more time thinking about why someone’d want to hire a running coach. With 24 Hr. and Anytime Fitnesses a dime a dozen, why pay $65 to a person whose services aren’t even tied to a physical product or location?

Two words: knowledge, and attention.

Knowledge: big box gyms make their $$$ by peddling broad but superficial services to many people. Their premise is training you, whether you’re a teen boy bulking up, a mom slimming down, or an obese older man with debilitating knee and back pain. The mode of activity isn’t what matters, so much as the results and sales. Now, me as a coach, I’m selling specificity. I’m not training you to play with battle ropes, dance zumba, or jump over boxes. Nothing wrong with any of those, but it’s not my specialty. With me, everything we do is designed to make you a better runner. Many of those things also make you flexible, strong, and agile as well, which is why I’m comfortable offering strength and flexibility coaching for non-runners also. Moreover, I’m a Registered Nurse invested in keeping my athletes from showing up on the operating room table at my other job. I’m all too aware how much a herniated disc or a torn ACL will set you back, and there ain’t no way we’re risking that on my watch.

*Here’s an article from NBC news illustrating why you might want your trainer to be a medical professional to boot; it’s worth it to know more than just your basic anatomy. 

I know that what I have to offer works, because I fought my way up from a back-of-the-pack 400 meter runner in junior high, to a varsity college cross-country and 10k athlete -more by tenacity than ‘natural talent.’ I know how to heal from (and prevent!) running-related injuries, and the ‘female athlete triad,’ from my own trial and error. I’m constantly experimenting with new training modalities, and incredibly open and blunt about why I make the recommendations I do. I live and breathe running that so you don’t have to.

As for attention, when you hire me, you’re hiring a one-on-one teacher, mentor, cheerleader.  The honest truth is that high-maintenance runners are the best runners. What I mean is, you’ve got to be a little bit selfish about setting aside time to train effectively and efficiently, and entitling yourself to nutritious meals, adequate sleep, and frequent hydration. As a coach, I make you the #1 priority, and give you the encouragement and resources you need to carry that attitude over into your personal life (where it fits).

Yes I charge money. However, my fee structure is designed not to scare away potential clients over finances, because I honestly believe that running and working out improve quality-of-life. What cost there is, is worth it.  After the first consultation, I’ve decided to make subsequent services available on a sliding scale. We’ll talk about the best type of training and support based on your goals, with most services valued in $65 increments. I’m  blunt about what my knowledge and attention are worth, but not at the expense of an interested and committed client.

TL;DR: if you want to train efficiently and effectively, free from injury, to become a better runner (or a runner in the first place, or functionally fit individual), without having to pay for the overhead costs and underwhelming knowledge of a big-box gym — you hire me.      

So excited to bring this business to blossom. Thank you for reading!


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